Tales of Tamriel Website is LIVE!

Greetings, travelers!

If you have been following the show you are aware that after Dungeon Crawler Network became obselete as Tales of Tamriel became the only active show after years of having sister shows. As we continue our 8 year journey, unlike the other podcasts under DCN, it was time to have a standalone website for Tales to continue provide updates and a central place to follow everything we do. Well, here we are!

What you’ll find here?
Main purpose of the website will be to provide links to everything we are involved in like social media accounts, contact forms and content channels. However, there will also be blog posts (like this one), and perhaps other written content that we cover on the show like news or builds. The aim is to use the website as a hub for all things Tales of Tamriel for anyone who is looking to get a written version!

May this new journey be blessed by the Divines!