Greetings, traveler!

We are the Tales of Tamriel Podcast. Founded back in 2014, before the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, Tales of Tamriel focuses on the gameplay experiences of it’s hosts! Our goal is to inspire players to have adventures of their own in Tamriel. We also toss in a healthy dose of gameplay news, discussion, and lore lectures! We are also partnered with The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages as their official podcast as of episode 300!

We are currently the longest running Elder Scrolls podcast, and we owe that to being a community driven podcast. Over the years, the cast of the show changed multiple times as the community rose to the occasion and us listeners became hosts of the show and our aim is for the community to keep the show going should the current cast fade away as well.

If you want to read more on all of that; visit our Community Spotlight Interview on the official Elder Scrolls Online website!